Alternative Wedding DJ

With the rise of non-typical Wedding venues and ceremonies we have provide an Alternative Wedding DJ Hire that is tailored to your needs. Our service aims to cater to all types of weddings whether traditional or alternative.

Billy’s experience speaks for itself after he won The WeddingDates Top Rated Wedding DJ Award of 2018. Our Wedding Service has a 5 star rating given across almost 200 reviews. This is due to the personal touch we offer with our service. All weddings are reviewed on a personal basis. Billy will do one wedding per date so you can rest assured that your wedding is our top priority as it is yours.

All dates and rates vary and are discussed in a face to face consultation meeting with Billy. Another reason why we have such a high rating is the versatility and dynamic ability of Billy to provide a night of music that would otherwise not be performed at a wedding. This is because the music is the main priority. He makes sure that the playlist suits both tastes whilst still maintaining a club vibe infused by Billy from his years of nightclub experience.

Alternative Wedding DJ - BMG Sound

BMG Sound can provide a variety of different wedding entertainment options including professional wedding DJ hire, Percussionists as well as a Sax Player. Consultations and expert advice available on request with Billy, customised to your wishes and needs. Choose from our range of professional DJ equipment, speakers and bass bins and lighting packages to suit small to large weddings. Our wedding DJ hire service is available across all areas of Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Kerry.

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We provide:

  • Customised playlists
  • Full dB Technologies Sound system (base bins and speakers)
  • Pioneer Professional DJ equipment
  • Sound activated and mood lighting
  • Full Audio recording of the wedding DJ set

We also supply a number of audio solutions and services to fit various Wedding needs. Included in this is; sound engineering, provision of lapel mics, audio recording of the full ceremony, outdoor speaker systems, and many more! 

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