Wedding DJ Services

All weddings are reviewed on a personal basis. Billy will do one wedding per date so you can rest assured that your wedding is our top priority as it is yours. All dates and rates vary and are discussed in a consultation meeting with Billy. Music is the main priority to make sure that the playlist suits both tastes whilst still maintaining a club vibe infused by Billy from his years of nightclub experience.

Drinks Reception DJ Service

Wedding DJ Service for Drinks Reception can be one of our most popular service as we have many unique traits tied to this professional service. Here at BMG Sound we offer a unique experience with our DJ and Saxophone Duo. This combination is one sought out by many as it is a great way to start the day keeping the guests entertained whilst maintaining the style and sophistication associated with with the Reception DJ and Sax Duo. This deal also offers a interesting and fresh take on the typical wedding drinks reception and is sure to set the whole event off on the right note. Billy will start the Drinks Reception, with good music to get the crowd going right up until the end.

Full Wedding DJ Service

Full Wedding DJ Service is for couples who are not looking to hire the traditional Wedding Band. Who would rather have the full professioanl DJ experience for their reception. This is a very popular service and is one that is manageable, stress-free and can involve more tastes of both the hosts and guests. At BMG we know how Weddings are constantly changing, even more so these days. With music preferences changing, styles are evolving and venues are changing in size. The recent trend has been to Hire a DJ for the full night to get a vibrant modern experienced atmosphere for your wedding.

We can play a variety of music from the classics to the later hits. Right from the start of the night to end, whilst still playing tracks we all know and love. We know exactly how important it is to get the right DJ for your wedding. We also understand that you want a busy dance floor at the wedding and everyone to be enjoying themselves. Our music tastes are eclectic, modern and incorporate both the needs of guests and the bride and groom whilst varying the style, and infusing it also with Billy’s style, as the night goes.

After Band Wedding DJ Service

Billy has had years of experience performing across the best nightclubs and bars in Cork, Kerry and Limerick and will bring a unique style of mixing to your wedding party. We know that time is critical for any wedding. There are enough stresses without having to worry about the music. Our After Band Wedding DJ Service is highly efficient and professional, part of the reason is that we can arrive and set up the same time as your band so that when they are about to finish we are starting up. Billy will also know which of the songs the Band has already played. This is to avoid any repeats to keep the night fresh and evolving.

Breakdown of Service

On arrival, the DJ will know the songs in the set the band has played. They will get a feel for what the crowd wants and will avoid music being repeated. It is always recommended to separate the DJ from the band. Reason being, you’re getting a performer who’s style will be fresh, enthusiastic and ready to fill the dance floor.

With BMG Sound your event is as important to us as it is to you. When choosing BMG Sound you pick a DJ with experience, professionalism and of high quality to suit your DJ needs. With BMG Sound we like to give you as much of the control over the choice that we can. With Billy, you can pick out some of your favourite songs, from the classics or a more modern feel. You and Billy will have a meeting to discuss the wedding beforehand. During which you will discuss and handpick a selection songs you want to hear. And, of course, we’ll take your requests on the day. After you’ve helped plan your perfect playlist with Billy during the consultations. You can feel comfortable with letting the DJ take over the control and making it a night to remember.

Next Day DJ Service

The Next Day DJ Service is a concept that is ever growing in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. Here at BMG Sound, we know that not every wedding is a one day deal. Many people like to keep the family together and in many cases keep the party going. With our Next Day DJ Service, we offer you the chance to extend your wedding day and keep the mood at its peak from the previous day. Billy will return the next day and play music to suit the next day scene. Be it a relaxed day spent with the relatives or, perhaps you want to keep the energy up in which case Billy will stylise his set to make it feel as though the previous night never ended.

Billy has experience playing in some of Ireland’s premier and prestigious venues including Ballincurra House, Dromquinna and traditionally works in many country houses and rural castles including privately hosted weddings.

To see what our previous customers have said about our Wedding DJ Hire services please have a look at our testimonial page here. Here is one of our previous reviews.

“The minute we made the call to Billy we knew he would be the best fit for our wedding. We wanted something a bit different for our drinks reception. DJ and saxophone player with lounge house and a bit of disco/funk to set the tone for the day! Billy let us have plenty input into the set but also made sure he had his own style coming through. All the guests were commenting on how fantastic they were. Billy also did a set in the evening for us and this was just as amazing. Huge mix of floor-fillers without any cheesy cringe-worthy wedding songs! We would highly recommend BMG Sound…top quality service and professionalism.” – Shirleen Younan

Wedding Dj Service - BMG Sound

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